A study from college recruitershowed that 66.4 percent of 2019 graduates who had a paid internship received a job offer. On the other hand, just 43.7 percent of unpaid interns were offered a job.

Have you landed an Internship that you actually like very much because of the work you do or because of the company’s environment? You will be searching for an internship and would like to save up on time and anxiety kicking off your career by transitioning your internship into full-time work. Let us discuss how you can make this happen.

Find an Internship that has potential to give you a full-time job

The job market allows companies…

The reasons for negotiating a remote job salary are multiple, after successfully going through the hiring process, you are finally being offered the job. The job offers will contain different aspects including the salary you will earn.

Let us first understand why so many people do not negotiate their salaries?

It is much easier to sign the job offer and prevent yourself from going back to back in communication with your future employer.

Some future employees are not happy in their current job and want to move forward, perhaps for a remote life as soon as possible.

It is also scary to negotiate your remote job salary. …

Many of us have already gone through dozens of Job interviews and it is always the same routine, 1st interview, same interview questions, same time of doubting until we finally get a yes or a no from the hiring manager.

When a job interview can lower down your confidence level when run for a couple of months, it can also boost your confidence.

The good thing with job interviews is that they are not so different from one company to another, and hiring managers are looking for the same attributes in candidates.

The secret behind a job interview is to…

If you are looking to find a remote job in Europe and so far you have not been successful in this mission you set for yourself, I then hope this blog will help you get yourself back on track and find a remote job.

Today, more and more people want to find a remote job. The good news is that because of the pandemic, remote job offers have increased in less than 1 year by 400%. However, if there are today, more remote jobs, they don’t yet represent the majority of the job market.

You need to be aware that…

A phone call to start a hiring process has become common practice.

Usually after having selected a couple of profiles from the applicants, a phone interview will be offered to candidates to do a first screening. Yes, that is to say that you will be judged for your answers and your ton of voice nothing else.

This is a time saver for human ressources but it can also be very straight forward, if you are not convincing your phone interviewer within a few minutes, you will not be invited for a Online Conference Job Interview or an In-person job interview.

If today you are looking to understand if quitting your job is the right thing to do. Here we would like to share with you the 10 most important reasons why people quit their job.

It is much easier today to operate this change in your career rather than in the field you are applying to or in the company.

Not all reasons to quit your job seem to be negative, there are also positive reasons why you should quit your current job.

Quitting your job requires a bit of anticipation especially if you have family engagement or responsibilities to…

Having 5 years of experience when you just graduated from University or have just operated a career change is not possible, but does it mean you can’t get a job?

Before we go into understanding how to counter lack of experience, there is one thing that needs to be clarified. Let’s understand why are recruiters and hiring managers looking for candidates who have experience?

The idea that most recruiters have is that people with experience would respond to challenges faster, would know how to connect with people easier and would understand the complexity of certain processes better than anyone.


It is no longer a secret that your LinkedIn profile plays an important role in navigating through your career. It can help to develop your network or help get you seen by a recruiter that can offer you, your dream job.

One thing that is playing an important factor in your LinkedIn Profile is your headline.

Most LinkedIn users are not aware of the importance of the headline. Some Universities are starting to create awareness towards their students on the importance of having a great LinkedIn Profile but for the ones already on the market, here is how you can…

Job Interviews often require answers between 10 and 15 questions that are often the same from one interview to another. One of the most important questions in a job interview is definitely Why should we hire you?

This question often puts job candidates in an uncomfortable position. Many job candidates are unsure of how to answer the “Why should we hire you” question.

Even if the interview ran smoothly until that point, failing to answer this question properly can give a good reason for the hiring manager not to hire the candidate.

A hiring manager wants candidates who are confident…

When changing location for your career, there are plenty of questions to ask yourself, while in most of the cases, this decision brings along many benefits, it can happen that the relocation turns into a bad experience. This happens mostly when the relocation is unprepared and potential challenges are not anticipated.

From cost of living, integration into the culture, job’s expectation, relocation package, or children school, we share with you here the questions that you should work on before your relocation.

1. Who will pay relocation costs?

Moving to a new place, in the same country or in another part of the world involves cost, from…

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Manager @ The Ambitious. www.jointheambitious.com. Our objective is to help students and graduates enter the job market easily.

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