How to write a crazy effective LinkedIn Headline (+ examples for Job Seekers)

It is no longer a secret that your LinkedIn profile plays an important role in navigating through your career. It can help to develop your network or help get you seen by a recruiter that can offer you, your dream job.

One thing that is playing an important factor in your LinkedIn Profile is your headline.

Most LinkedIn users are not aware of the importance of the headline. Some Universities are starting to create awareness towards their students on the importance of having a great LinkedIn Profile but for the ones already on the market, here is how you can boost your LinkedIn Profile in no time by getting you a highly competitive Headline.

Your LinkedIn headline is what will get you through the LinkedIn Algorithm when the recruiter is searching for a Candidate.

It will also be the first information that LinkedIn users will be seeing when you comment, share or like a post.

Your headline will also be what people remember when visiting your profile. So, hoping you are convinced now that primarily before working on any part of your LinkedIn Profile, your headline needs to be outstanding.

We will now see how can you write a good headline that will make you stand out from others and get LinkedIn to show you first in the search result.

Don’t use the default headline

LinkedIn by default will put your current position and your current company as a headline. The problem with this headline is that LinkedIn will do so for all LinkedIn Users and therefore you enter in competition with a large number of people who share the same title as you. Even if today’s companies try to be more and more original with their employees’ job title, you will see many people sharing the same one as you. By only changing this, you start ranking better.

Changing your headline will help you to rank better but by only doing so you won’t rank first, let us understand what else you need to do.

You have 220 characters available

Your headline can contain up to 220 characters, so don’t miss out on showing more than just your job title and your company. You don’t even need to mention your company as this one is displayed automatically in your front section. Instead use the 220 characters to demonstrate additional experience, certification, or skills you have gained in your educational and professional time.

Select carefully your keywords

As mentioned in the introduction, your keywords are what make you stand out from other candidates and suggest to the algorithm of LinkedIn your profile has to be shown first. Keywords should be the ones that have more chances to be written down in the search box by recruiters. If you are not sure about which keywords to put first, you can use the website word clouds and upload job descriptions that you are interested in and they will show you what keywords to put first in your LinkedIn Headline.

Use symbols

To make your header more visually appealing, you can use symbols.

Below we have placed some examples of symbols you can use to make your LinkedIn Header more attractive. It will also help you to save space in separating instead of making sentences.

Symbol to boost your LinkedIn Header

🔴🔵🌐 🌏✦♦ ◆🔹🔷🔸💠❖🔺♫ ♲ ♻♺ ♼ ☯ ◑

♾️☼⚙✺✻✼❄❅❆❇❈❉❊ ⊕ ✇ ∆ ⚖ ⚕☢️☣️ ⚜ ⚠🔨🛠️

🎯🌀🔥🌟💥💣✨🔱⚜️💡 ⚡🌠💫☁ ⛅💭🌈 ☀️ ϟ ☾ 🏖 ⛱

♡🤍❤️💛💜🖤🤎🌱🌿☘🌸 💐 🎉🌻🍎🌴 🌵 🌷 🌸 🌼🍁 🍂

🚫⛔🛑💵🔮🍀🎆🏳️‍🌈🎪🏢📷 🎥📽📹📺🎬 💾💽💿📀📁📎

🎧🚨📢🔉🗣🔍🥇🎖🏆 🚦 ⏳㊗️👑🛫 ✈️🚀🖼️🏡🎨 ✒️

✊🏾👆 👇 👈 👉 👊 👋 👌 👍 👎👏 🙏🙏🏾🤝🤜 🤛 👊 💪

🧠 👀🕶👓🎶♘♞🛡️📆🎊🎼🍏🍒 🥊🎈🍾🥂🥛🎂🍔

Don’t write looking for new opportunities

Never use in your header line, looking for new opportunities because a recruiter will never write down this, as keywords in the LinkedIn search box.

On top of making your header less foundable, you also make it less attractive by losing part of your 220 characters available to mention that you are looking for new opportunities. Today with LinkedIn you can Privately Signal to Recruiters You’re Open to New Job Opportunities.

In your header Line on LinkedIn don”t feel shy to show your skills, the specifics achievement, or even certification that you have received. Having a strong header will open you so many possibilities to network, be found by recruiters, or even become an influencer.

Use # for your call to action

Last advice for your header level, have a call to action for people who will visit your profile. Those calls to action will make LinkedIn users more comfortable to connect with you or reach out to you if necessary. It will also emphasize your openness to develop your network and engage with people in your industry, future students who want to get mentoring, or simply people who have personal projects to develop.

When professionals share the same passion as you and they can notify you directly thanks to your header they will easily connect with you.

Last recommendation for your header, be creative, renew it when you have additional specifics you can add.

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